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Symptoms also speak a lot About Health Care Dry lips, Suzy eyes?

Whenever the disorder is detected, its symptoms should not be waived and should consult the doctor. Doctor will be careful on time. If there is a shortage of food, then he will advise eating the right nutritious food if there is a risk of a disease, then he will do a test and start the right treatment ….

Swollen feet

Inflammation in the legs means that the protein level in our body has decreased or the process of dehydration has started. There may be other reasons, such as obesity. Many times there is swelling in the legs even after sitting in the same position for a long time.

What to do?

Whether it is swollen on one foot or two feet, do not take it as a solution. Check out your past days routine. You are not doing anything while standing for long periods of time or sitting on the chair after hanging your legs. If not, then get your doctor checked. If you need to take medication then take the medication according to the doctor’s advice.

Weak nails

Weak nails reflect on not eating nutritious food. By taking an unbalanced diet, there is a shortage of many vitamins in the body. There is a lack of calcium. Nails are weakened by not completely cleaning hands and nails.

What to do?

Improve your diet Eat milk fruits and green vegetables. Get the doctor to investigate fungal infections. Sometimes due to this the nails are weak. Check the iron and vitamin levels of the body. Increase the quantity of these in food items if they decrease.

Gingival bleeding

Most of the blood from the gums comes due to vitamin C deficiency. Gum infection can be increased if it is treated on time. By which the gums will become weak and teeth will start moving. The food which will eat,

He will get infected and go into the stomach.

What to do?

To remove vitamin C deficiency, eat citrus fruit such as orange, lemon, amla, mausoleum etc. Focus on your brushing method. If you use a hard toothbrush, skip the software and use it so that the gum does not hurt.

Suzy eyes

Eye inflammation can be due to lack of sleep, due to watching more TV, due to increased thyroid due to working on a computer or due to some problem related to snake, the time may be.

What to do?

Fix your sleep routine. Sleep early in the night. Do not watch programs continuously on TV. While working on a computer, relax your eyes in between. Even if the swelling remained the same, then meet doctor, examine thyroid.

Gullible hair or hair fall

Most of the hair problems are directly related to the diet. Fast food, more spicy food, cold drinks, more fried foods have an impact on hair. Dandruff in hair causes hair to fall too much. Even if there is any type of infection in the hair, the hair starts to become stiff, lifeless. The wrong selection of shampoos can also damage the hair.

What to do?

First take the right diet. Use the right shampoo for hair. If you do not listen to the problem then show a trichologist and solve your problem.

Dry lips

The dryness of the photo shows the lack of moisture in the body or the overdose of antibiotics taken in the disease.

Nowadays the younger generation spends more time. This reduces moisture in the body.

What to do?

Drink plenty of water in the day. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. Water means water, tinde juice, cold drink, tea, coffee, is not there. When you are sitting in the AC room, keep in mind that his direct air does not fall on your face. After bath, you must be careful about the skin on the body, face and lips. Before bathing, add any oil to the mustard or coconut on your navel.

Dirty deposits on the tongue

The tongue deposited on the tongue changes the color of the tongue. This is a sign of stomach worsening.

What to do?

Improve your diet Do not consume such food items. If you ask newly asked questions, clean the tongue with a tight cleaner after brushing. Take the food light and digestible.